Photography Workshops Saguaro at sunset in Tucson, Arizona.  Desert photography workshop.

By Greg McCown

(520) 907-6760



Landscape Photography Workshop - $199

Ever wish you could capture that perfect sunset with the silhouette of a saguaro, or maybe the beautiful light reflecting off a desert flower or cactus. This is the perfect workshop designed for the beginning to intermediate photographer who wishes to create beautiful pictures of the desert landscape with their Digital SLR camera (a digital camera with the ability to change lenses).  Multiple locations are available.  

The first 30 minutes will be a photography class followed by time spent photographing landscapes and hopefully one of Tucson's amazing sunsets.

Must have a DSLR camera or a higher end point and shoot and a flashlight. Tripod is recommended.

This private photography lesson is only $199 and lasts 80-90 minutes.


All Workshops are geared towards the individual.  I reserve the right to bring along 1-2 additional students. The maximum size for any workshop is 3 students, guaranteeing lots of hands on training. Most workshops are 1 on 1.


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